Life my dear is no stranger🌷

Travel the world. Live amidst nature. Befriend a stranger. Learn a new language. Fall in love. Make love. Don’t be afraid of failure. Darling, your life is your adventure. Live each day like it were no stranger.


Perfect in my imperfections. Embraced my flaws to find that it has always been a part of me and it’s what makes “me”. Have you ever noticed how you let yourself down when staring yourself right in eye? Honestly, the only person who can make you feel beautiful is “You” no amount of compliments can…

Self Awareness 🌹

I found doubting myself worth was the worst thing I could have ever done. Forget losing love, losing yourself in the midst of all that confusion is not worth the fight. So, I look myself each day in the mirror to tell the lady staring right back at me that’s she’s strong, she’s brave and…


You can earn the life you want to live. Work hard, make money and be the boss of your own life. People will leave, some people will stay. Your priority should lie in the hustle to make it all the way.


Darling, you will never lose at love. The moment your mother set her eyes upon you, you won her heart. The moment the right person meets you at the altar, you’ll win theirs too.


I’m born to shine. You’re born to shine. The world our stage. Floodlights be we, together we are going to ignite this world.