You can earn the life you want to live. Work hard, make money and be the boss of your own life. People will leave, some people will stay. Your priority should lie in the hustle to make it all the way.


Darling, you will never lose at love. The moment your mother set her eyes upon you, you won her heart. The moment the right person meets you at the altar, you’ll win theirs too.


I’m born to shine. You’re born to shine. The world our stage. Floodlights be we, together we are going to ignite this world.


We are fireflies darling, we were born to illuminate the sky.

Her Smile 🌸

Look at her smile. It took her a million tries to get it right. Shattered she was but no longer is, her smile she now owns cause she fought for it.

The poet in me 🌹

I’m besotted with the poet in me with surety that it’s passion for my mind won’t abate.

Dear Daughter

The love of her life was a little girl, the one with curly hair and the prettiest smile. A look in her eyes and that air of melancholy disappears, giving life was never simple but it was the greatest blessing that would ever come to be, a mother she is and will always be. Her…